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Snowy App How To Earn Money


A Snowy App Review - Snow Rally

The official website of the popular snowboarding game called Snow Rally has recently launched a new app called Snow overload. The reason behind its launch is to cater more people to this sport which was recently introduced by Super Arcade and UK studio Playfish. 

The developers at Playfish are trying hard to compete with the popular iPhone and iPad games. So, is this game just another stunt or will it hit the worldwide market like Firecracker did?

snowy app review

Snow overload features eight challenging levels, as well as the option for two-player snowboarding, which is split into separate sessions. The snowboarders use snowboards of different sizes and power ups are available to them to make their ride more exciting. Another interesting feature is the ability of the snowboarders to change the color of their snowboard from red to different colors like blue, green or purple

 This is necessary because the different colored snowboards do not share the same speed and they would be able to reach their desired speeds in a quicker manner if they have the ability to change the color of their snowboards.

Despite the fact that Snow Rally is a stunt-packed snowboarding game, the majority of people who play it seem to be enjoying themselves quite nicely. The snowboarding action is enough to get your heart pumping and to keep you busy for a long time. 

The snowboarding action on the screen looks real and you can feel the softness of the snow beneath your feet. The sound effects are also quite impressive - especially the crackling sounds that take place when you are about to fall of a snowboard. These are only a few things that you should know about this snowboarding game, so read on to find out what else is new for you to enjoy.

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