Weird Food Combinations and my dear 'Omelette over Pulao'


I used to take this very normal that i like eating omelette over pulao until after my marriage my husband saw it as a weird combination. My father used to live in saudi Arabia with Indians and bengalis and he told me that bengalis love to eat egg over rice and fish, i think since then i tried eating omelette over pulao and for me it's a killer combination (for me at least). 

I have seen people using variety of food combinations with rice so let's talk about those combinations today. You know once one of my friend came to my house after our college and mom had cooked pulao in lunch. When I served her pulao, she asked me "is there any chutney or raita along?". I felt a bit embarrassed because there wasn't any and to be honest, we never felt the need of raita with pulao whenever mom cooked it. She cooks the delicious pulao and it is so yummy on its own that we rarely felt the need of raita when there wasn't any. Back to the topic, she instantly asked "do you have jam?". OMG! i couldn't understand what is she up to but i said yeah we have jam and her face beamed with happiness as she asked me to bring our mango jam 🥫

What i saw next was so unbelievable for me. It was the first time when I witnessed somebody pouring a dollop of jam over garma garam pulao and eat it with so much joy that I came to know that it was a killer combination for her. I started calling her 'rice with jam' after that day and she insisted me to try jam over rice once but i never did. "It tastes like chutney", she used to say 🍛

One of my best friends in University once tried eating lays over rice and there was no looking back after that 😂 All of her siblings got addicted to this food combination and whenever rice were cooked at her home, they used to quickly send their brother to the nearby shop for buying lays 🤣. Once, she told us that they had to go to a wedding and their mother already so frustrated of this habit of them angrily said "haaan mngwa lo lays shadi pe le Chalo hall me sath wahan chawal kese hazum honge phir" İ have seen people enjoying slims and nimko over rice too. To be honest, i recently fell in love with the combo of chilli garlic and kurkure over rice 🍚
These combinations are still acceptable but different, yesterday I was reading the comments in a group where people were telling their favourite weird food combos and somebody posted the picture of cheese and oregano over gajar ka halwa, oh myyy, I was like what sorcery! 😄 And when somebody else commented biryani with cheese, I was dead. i decided i won't read more comments as it was getting so sick and nauseating for me. Why would you add cheese to every cheez? 🤢 #cheeseobsesseddesis 

Since yesterday I'm trying to un-see the picture of gajar ka Halwa topped with cheese and oregano which I, in the first sight thought was mince or lasagna kind of thing!
What's the weird food combination you have heard ? Tell me in comments below!


  1. Interesting! I love having veggie cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel and many find it weird.

  2. love hearing weird food combos! i wonder how much is regional/cultural and how much is personal preference!?

  3. My mom loves cornbread and milk. She eats it like cereal. It’s a weird combination for me but hey to each his own. I love rice so I think I could go for the omelette combination.

  4. I love trying strange combos! I love macaroni and cheese with peas! It’s fun trying new odd combos!

  5. I am a ketchup and egg lover!

  6. These are so interesting! I love to combine grapefruit and ricotta on toast !


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