Pola Aylr Dear Darling Tints Review

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Pola Aylr Dear Darling Tints Review

As the Korean makeup and skincare routine is trending in Pakistan, tints are becoming favourite among girls these days. I bought these cute polaaylr dear darling tints and these give refreshing summer vibes with their box designs and flavors.

I have them in four different flavors and these are:
Watermelon 🍉
Pineapple 🍍
Strawberry 🍓
Chocolate 🍫

It won't be wrong if I say that I bought it because of its packaging 😛  The packaging is really adorable, who don't want to own a cute little popsicle tint? Especially in summers?? 🍭

You guys might have seen the gel tints or liquid tints available in the market but this is not gel tint. It has a creamy consistency just like lip glosses but you have to use veryyy little quantity and then blend it well even a tiny dot is enough.

Let me tell you how I use it. When I wake up in the morning, after washing my face, the first thing I do is to apply a moisturizer followed by my sunblock and then I apply my tint. This is very important because when your skin is moisturized, it's easy to blend the tint. I just put a tiny dot on both my cheeks and blend it and then I apply little quantity on my lips and spread it with my finger and ta-daaa! Anddd I am done for the day even if I am busy in the kitchen or working on something else, I know that I look presentable and also natural. Of course when one is at home, one try to put on minimal makeup and look naturally pretty and presentable. That's why tints are my everyday essentials and lipsticks/glosses for special functions or events.

Although all of these tints are in the tone of red and pink like cherry red, light brownish, bright red and dull pinkish kind of but I am completely satisfied with them because this is the natural color of our lips and to create a natural or zero makeup kinda look, it's good to have tints in the reddish, pinkish I mean cherry/berry kind of shades. 💄

My tints are by Pola aylr company and I am loving the way these cute popsicles are staining my lips. I would strongly recommend tints to you and I am not saying you should buy only these but use any tints that you like whether they are gel or cream based. I would highly recommend to keep a lip and cheek tint in your purse 👛 or travel bag because they can 'up' your look in no time. You will be effortlessly sorted with just few dots on your face ☺️👄

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