Sncoto Rose Gel Review (Skin Care Series)

My previous post about sunblocks must have told you that I am really seriously into skincare now so I would like to continue with that. Today I would like to share about another skincare buddy that I am using regularly. 

It's the rose gel and original from Korea. It's more than a month that I am using it and I am not skipping it at all. It says that it helps in improving seven major skin problems and that are loose, dry, fine lines, aging, rough, dull and uneven skin tone. 💆

It's basic purpose is to nourish the skin and it has to be applied when you don't have any chore left in the kitchen or when you don't have to go outside in scorching sunlight. That means that you have to apply it when you just have to sleep or relax or you can apply it and read a good book on your cozy bed and that's what this flatlay depicts too. I tried to create a theme that represents the soothing silence of the room where you can apply it and sit with the company of a really good book. 📖

It's a soothing gel and it's fragrance is very authentic as if the rose petals are taken and their essence is extracted and made into this gel. Such is the rich fragrance of roses in it. The gel has light pinkish color. 🌹
I apply it daily at night when my kiddo goes to sleep and I have cleansed my face and then I wash my face in the morning and apply my moisturizer and sunblock. 

It's available in other flavors too i.e. grapes, aloevera and lemon but I haven't got a chance to try them yet so I can't say anything about them but this one is amazing as I can feel the nourishment that it provided to my skin and took away the dullness. 

See the closeup of opened jar for texture

I found it very hydrating too and it gets absorbed in the skin very easily and helps lock the moisture which is much needed. It's for all skin types. I bought it for Pkr 380 on sale otherwise it's available in 450.

I purchased it from a Facebook cosmetics page and anyone who wants to buy from there can inbox me for the details and link but let me clear that it's not the sponsored post at all. Hope you guys enjoy and have a healthy and supple skin 👍🏻

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  1. This sounds so relaxing! I've been trying to take better care of my skin lately, so looking for recommendations.

  2. Thanks for sharing. One of my friends is using Korean products for her in Africa will have to collab with you so I get them hetr

  3. This looks great...I am always searching for new skin care products! 🍕👓🚢

  4. This is really helpful to know! I often find that higher SPF sunblocks can really dry out my skin during the day during the summer. I'm glad to hear how hydrating this is for night!

  5. I love the light pink refreshing look. Thanks for sharing, very detailed.

  6. This sounds really delightful! A great hydrating skin care solution is so important for summer time!

  7. I focus on my skincare as well.

  8. Oooh I love the scent variants! I would probably try them all on my face, if I could. Lemon being the first.


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