Aalu Cheese Paratha

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Aalu Cheese Paratha

As foodfusion, sooperchef and many quick video cooking recipes came, we stopped watching masala tv and we seldom visited their pages. Probably it's because we are lazy to watch the whole program or even read the long recipes so we find it easy to just watch the quick video. I did the same too but just few days ago, I don't know why I felt that I should go and check the masala tv cooking show pages and check what's going on there. I visited the "Tarka" show page out of curiosity and I found wonderful recipes there. I loved that chef Rida gives a twist to our Desi food recipes like different ways of eating daal and teenday or other vegetables that we usually cook the same way. I was like if I have found some gems buried there and I started downloading few recipes to my phone and aalu cheese paratha is one of them.

Aalu paratha is already adored by us, Desi's. You know a Desi can leave paratha for few days to switch on another diet maybe but he can't leave parathas forever, eventually a Desi will come back to it because parathas are to desis as a fragrance is to flower ..  sounds childish? 😛 Adding Cheese in it was a whole new yummy twist that me, my husband and even my kiddo loved with a cup of tea in the breakfast. 

Let me write down the recipe for you guys now and it's chef Rida's recipe, I just reduced or increased some spices according to my taste and in the original recipe, cheddar cheese is used but I used mixed i.e. 70% mozzarella and 30% cheddar cheese. 

Kneaded Aata/Flour
Boiled Potatoes 4
Mixed cheese (70% mozzarella and 30% cheddar)
Mayyonaise (1/2 cup)
Coriander leaves (4 tbsp)
Chopped green chillies (4 or according to your taste)
Black pepper powder (2 tsp)
Chopped onion 1
Salt (1 tsp)
Crushed Cumin seeds or Zeera (1 tbsp)
Cayenne Pepper (1/2 tsp) 
Oil or Ghee 


I mixed everything in the bowl and then rolled two small rotis. Applied 1 tbsp mayyonaise on one and then placed the mixture over it. Then I covered it with the other roti, closed it well. Rolled the stuffed roti and placed it over tawa and fried it like we make paratha. 

In the original recipe, cheese wasn't mixed in the mixture rather it was spreaded after placing the potato mixture. Potato mixture was placed first and then cheese was placed on top of it. 

You can make it the way you like. It's delicious both ways. Enjoy! 😆

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  1. This looks delicious! You gotta love finding great recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the video and the recipe! Would definitely like to try it!