Cheezious and Hot n Chilli: Quarantine Food Experience

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Cheezious and Hot n Chilli: Quarantine Food Experience

Alhumdulilah I am back on my blog after long. Apologies for silence but you know it's terrible when you know you are away from your writing and that moment your heart even sinks deeper when you know that it's more hard to go back and create content. Today I told myself that you are your own greatest motivation sana so just write and Alhumdulilah I am here with a food review and I know so many reviews and recipes related to food and beauty are pending but In Shaa Allah I hope now the hiatus is over so keep enjoying my sachay reviews!
Sooo, few of my cousins that live nearby and I got to meet each other after Eid and then we couldn't resist our bahir k khanay ki cravings as we 🤭 We were 8 and luckily found a really good deal from cheezious. Cheezious is very economical eatery with tasty food. I found it pocket friendly and the taste is upto the mark  and along with that we ordered chicken Tikka from Hot n chilli. 

🧀 CHEEZIOUS (Pwd Branch)

The specific deal that we ordered is called Extremely good deal 8 which includes 4 zinger burgers, 4 chicken pieces and 4 regular drinks in 1650 pkr. We ordered 2 deals because we were 8. Let's break down the items with little detail. 

🍔 The Zinger: 
The zinger burger's chicken patty had right amount of crunch and right amount of chicken.  The crispy chicken inside the buns was huge enough. The zinger fillet was not at all hard and chicken was in great amount. Served with mayo and lettuce. 
I would highly recommend this. 

🍗 The chicken pieces were very well coated and chicken as well as crunch was really delicious with right amount of salt and spices. We received half chest pieces and few leg pieces. Highly recommended! 

🌶️ Hot n Chilli (Pwd Branch): 

When my sister suggested chicken Tikka feo. hot n chilli, I was not interested in eating anything desi but we ordered. We got 8 tikkas in 1880 along with salad & chutney that means 235 pkr per piece. 

Taste: 10/10

As I said I didn't want to eat tikka but ordering at home after long due to lockdown and lots of expectations and the juicy tikka with perfect color came rolling in front of my eyes 🤩 Ah! It was divine. 
This is the place from where you will find the best, tender, juicy and most flavorful chicken Tikka in twin cities because even the chest pieces were well incorporated with masalas that it was easy to eat them. I also had experience of eating their chicken Tikka before when we ate bbq platter and that was good experience too so I would say Hot n chilli is unbeatable and consistent too.

🥫Special mention to the sauce that they sent along tikkas. The sauce was so so yummy and complimented the tikkas really well. I wish I could get the recipe of this sauce and would make it whenever I want. 
Highly recommended ✅

Overall it was a really good experience. We all were satisfied with the food and our cravings were fulfilled. Zinger, chicken pieces and tikka all were very well cooked and made our day even more amazing!

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