Ahsan ul Qasas| Real life lessons from the story of Surah Yusuf ( Part 1)

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Ahsan ul Qasas| Real life lessons from the story of Surah Yusuf ( Part 1)

Scholars are of the view that there are almost thousand lessons embedded in Surah Yusuf. Growing up, I saw everybody trying to read and complete a lot of Qurans during Ramadan and I picked up on it and tried to read as much I could but when I got mature and became student of Quran, I realized that quantity doesn't matter, how much have you understand while reading does. Even a single verse that you have understood is enough than the whole Quran that you have read without understanding. 

Even though still there are a lot of people every Ramadan who are just trying to finish it so many times. I have realized that even if I become able to read a surah with proper translation and tafseer (Explanation), it would refresh my mind and imaan. So this Ramadan I am trying to dig in to the sea of surah yusuf and pick up the pearls of from it to ponder and practice upon.
I will compile the the real life lessons from Surah Yusuf here with the intention that it will benefit others and would be a source of sadqa e jariya for me.

๐Ÿ•ฏ️Lesson # 1- Parenting Inspiration from Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S)
The fact that Hazrat Yusuf A.S was comfortable enough to share his dream with his father draws our attention towards a very significant parenting rule i.e. making your children feel so welcome, nurtured and to create such an environment for them to communicate with you comfortably. This ayah provides real life lesson for us that we should be so friendly to our children that they don't hesitate sharing any matter with us. They could know that they feel protected while sharing.
( I plan to do a separate blog on parenting tips from Surah Yusuf too so let's not go in details)

๐Ÿ•ฏ️Lesson#2- Existence of Jealousy
This beautiful surah does not only tells us that jealousy exists but also tells us how can we avoid it. When Hazrat Yusuf A.S discussed his dream of watching 11 stars, sun and the moon, his father tells him to not discuss it with his step brothers. Hazrat Yaqoob A.S, himself a prophet, knew that this dream means he is gonna be on a higher and respectable rank in future and discussing it with the brothers who are already jealous would not be okay.
So here's the lesson! When we show off our bounties from Allah to others, they might not always appreciate it.
Most of the times, people get jealous of your successes and achievements and this can harm you. You must have heard about evil eye? Haven't you? Hazrat yaqoob A.S also says in verse 5 that jealousy is the work of Shaytaan (The devil). What we learn from this verse is that we don't have to always announce our achievements to the world as it can harm us as father of Yusuf A.S also feared.

๐Ÿ•ฏ️Lesson#3 - Trusting Upon Divine Plans
Who knew that a kid who was thrown into a deep well and then sold as a child slave to somebody would become finance minister of Egypt one day. Amazing, Isn't it? Let's discuss Allah's plan.

When brothers of Yusuf A.S threw him into the well because of jealousy, a caravan was passing nearby and they sent their man for bringing water from the well. The man found a boy there and they thought of selling it as a ghulam (slave) in such a cheap price but whom did they sell him to? The man who bought him was Aziz of Egypt. Any man of power was called Aziz there and this man was finance minister of Egypt. It was Allah's plan for Yusuf to stay there and learn everything about finance because he had to become finance managerb of Egypt  one day.

Lesson embedded in this for us is that many times in our life, we would be going through hardships like Yusuf A.S had (thrown into well, child slavery, away from family), but if we trust Allah and keep praying, Allah will make a way out for us from the distress like He did for Hazrat Yusuf A.S.

๐Ÿ‚Interesting Fact ๐Ÿ‚
The three prophetic dreams in the Quran are connected. This is an amazing gem. There are three dreams mentioned in the Quran that were seen by prophets.

๐ŸŒŒ Dream of Ibrahim A.S: 
When he saw that he is slaughtering his son. On the basis of which it became a hajj ritual as well as on Baqarah Eid, we sacrifice animal in memory or tribute of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

๐ŸŒŒ Dream of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W:
When he saw that he is preparing for Hajj. 

๐ŸŒŒ Dream of Hazrat Yusuf A.S
When he saw eleven stars, sun and the moon bowing before him.


✨The Prophet sees himself performing Hajj i.e.  shaving his head,  ุขู…ِู†ِูŠู†َ ู…ُุญَู„ِّู‚ِูŠู†َ ุฑُุกُูˆุณَูƒُู…ْ ูˆَู…ُู‚َุตِّุฑِูŠู†َ. 'with safety, your heads shaved and (hair) shortened' 

- (Surah Fatah - Verse 27)

✨If you think, when do the pilgrims shave their heads at Hajj? After they slaughter an animal. You see the connection?

✨Slaughtering the animal was the dream of Ibrahim A.S. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W's dream actually perfects and completes the dream of Ibrahim A.S.

✨The interpretation of Hazrat Yusuf's dream was  that, in the end, Yusuf a.s' brothers who threw him , will eventually be humbled and guilty before Yusuf a.s when they reunite decades later.

✨At that time, Yusuf A.S was in that position that if he wished, he could take revenge but instead he forgive them and said
ู‚َุงู„َ ู„َุง ุชَุซْุฑِูŠุจَ ุนَู„َูŠْูƒُู…ُ ุงู„ْูŠَูˆْู…َ
''He said (to them) no harm shall come to you today'
- Surah Yusuf - verse 92.

✨These words of Hazrat Yusuf A.S  ู„َุง ุชَุซْุฑِูŠุจَ ุนَู„َูŠْูƒُู…ُ ุงู„ْูŠَูˆْู…َ were quoted by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W when he fulfilled the dua of Ibrahim A.S.

✨The people of Quresh who were very harsh to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W were taken out and they were stranding defenceless there, about to face the consequences and be punished for years of crimes and oppressive treatments to the Muslims.
Yet our Prophet (S.A.W.W) chose to  say what his brother Yusuf A.S said,
ู„َุง ุชَุซْุฑِูŠุจَ ุนَู„َูŠْูƒُู…ُ ุงู„ْูŠَูˆْู…َ.
'No harm shall come to you today'.

๐Ÿ’—Isn't this whole thing incredible? The two dreams of Ibrahim A.S and Yusuf A.S are concluded to perfection in the dream that was seen or given to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

As i will go through the sea of Surah Yusuf and collect the pearls of wisdom from it. I will keep jotting them down for you all to read and feel amazed. Wait for the part 2 and comment below if you like the series.

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