Post Apocalyptic Scenario and My Feelings/ Word Prompt 'Ayat'

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Post Apocalyptic Scenario and My Feelings/ Word Prompt 'Ayat'

Dear Allah! ✨
Initially I took this whole virus thing so lightly and I asked myself is it time to start freaking out now but then i patted myself and said no no it's gonna be fine, don't panic and continue with your snacks and shows.

But O Allah, I am pouring out my feelings. I feel so scared now as this is now an enigma which has gripped headlines.Few days ago, my husband quarantined himself in the other room because of the normal flu. Oh Allah I thought what I find the need of doing so? How can I take my belongings and quarantine myself to a room. I have a son who is not even 2 years old yet. He need me all the time. How a mother can leave his kid outside and lock herself into a place. Then I thought there must be moms around the world who are in this strange and Earth shattering situation. My Lord! I shivered at this thought. Tears began dripping from my eyes. Everything is closed even your home. Are we so bad Allah?

Oh Allah my lips flutter occasionally but they form no words and my mind thinks a lot but I am unable to write anything. A fog of boredom and fear is hovering over everything.
Is it a Test? Punishment? End of the world?  I don't understand. I am so scared. Oh Allah in this ayah, you said you will test us with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, life and fruits. I found this verse so so fitted to the current scenario. There is fear, people are running out of the hospitals after testing positive. We are fearing of meeti6ng our loved ones. There are people on daily wages fearing hunger. Ecomony and lives are at stake and oh Allah how did you do this. Today we are freaking out because of a tiny virus/microbe that we can't even see from our naked eye!!! Allah hu Akbar!

Dear Allah! Everyone is suffering around the globe. We are nothing in front of your power. Everything seems so post apocalyptic to me and to many others. There are theories here and there about end of the world but Allah I have not prepared for it yet. What would I bring to you. We can't even pass this test of fear, hunger, loss of life, wealth and food 😢. Today when my child coughs, I fear so much.. so so much... 😭 Allah losing loved ones is a greatest test. You are Al-Rahman, please take us out of this enigmatic situation.

And what I fear the most is that today we are in difficulty so we are guilty, we have turned to you, people are praying around the world asking for mercy. My Lord I fear when this will be over, we'll go back to our normal routines and remain unchanged 😰😢 What if a thing that took lives of thousands of people around the world couldn't bring change to our lives. Oh God we are so slick and shallow when happy days come we forget the bad days and carry on with the way we were...😭 Oh Allah take this away or I am scared of that worst time when we will no longer have the courage of sharing memes and games about this virus. We are still so chill about this that we can't stop our waggling tongue.  Forgive us Allah! Forgive me!! 💔
My entry for this week's word prompt challenge 'Ayat' hosted by @aylasgram

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  1. This was beautiful! It's hard to know how badly to freak out sometimes

  2. I think most people underestimated the virus initially. I truly hope we learn something from this horrifying experience. I hope we learn to love each other. We may be different in various ways but we are all human beings.

  3. What a great post to consider right now. Everything is so confusing right now. I might give this writing prompt a try as well!

    1. Sure then do let me know. I would love to read that

  4. You summed up what everyone is feeling.