Book Review: Salt and Saffron by Kamila Shamsie

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How is your quarantine going on. I have not posted anything since a while, probably I am facing major writer's block but I feel I need to keep posting to feel connected with my readers as you guys are my greatest motivation. So what are the activities these days (beside cooking 😛). I have been trying to be more consistent in reading at which I am quite successful Alhumdulilah.

So I thought why not talk about the recent book that I read. It's salt and saffron by Kamila Shamsie. First, I loved the title and how the choice is made wisely and smartly for what it signifies. As salt and saffron both are used to enhance the flavor of the food but we know that salt is a necessity and ordinary while the saffron is a luxury and not-ordinary. In the same manner the people represented in the book are ordinary and elite. The protagonist of the story Aliya  is confused or divided between her past feudal family history and 21st century.

She is in England and with her cousin, Samia giggles over the family stories. She hails from a family of nawabs that date back to the time of Taimur Lang and the repetitive idea about the family represented in the book is of 'not quites' which are twins or triplets which are thought of bringing disrespect or dishonor to the family. So here's a connection. Through the family tree, Aliya finds out that her twin is Mariam apa which was seen as 'outsider' to her feudal family because she eloped with the family cook. Now because Aliya is her twin and considering the present situation where she has developed liking for an Pakistani American Khalil,  whose family belongs to the slums of Karachi, Aliya thinks whether the history will repeat itself and she will also follow the path of her twin, Mariam Apa?

My Experience: 

Initially I loved the way the novel is written. It has humour and the urdu words that are sprinkled in the text, bring such an amazing feeling of culture and relation. I loved it so much that I discontinued reading another novel but as I moved on, I found it confusing. I couldn't make sense of some of the details and the family relations confused a lot. Although there is a family tree in the beginning of the book but still it is very confusing. I wanted to leave in the middle. There are also many other family stories in the book if you're interested, give it a try 😀
Are you reading any book these days. Any recommendations? Comment below 🙂

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  1. Oo this sounds fascinating! This is a good one to add to my very long list of things to read haha

    1. Haha good luck. Download a book in phone if comfortable and read whenever it's possible

  2. I'm currently reading "Red Skies in Mourning" about the girl from the movie "Adrift" whose boat broke down in the middle of the ocean, she was with her boyfriend. Lots of scary things happened and she wrote a book about it and it is SO good so far!! :)

    1. Oh this sounds really interesting. Do you have an e-copy?

  3. Do you recommend it for teens as well?


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