Word Prompt 'Story' Featuring Aurat March

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Word Prompt 'Story' Featuring Aurat March

She was just sitting by her room's window and scrolling down her Facebook feed 'ak tau this #auratmarch is so boring upar se it is everywhere on the internet jesay there are no other maslay left in our country. Meanwhile her phone started ringing .She picked up the call and heard 'nerdy nida' saying 'heyy are you coming to the aurat March?'.

"You to know na, this marching sharching is not my thingy and why would I go to this boring March for tanning my skin in dhoop while I have enough chores to do at home". With that she cut the call and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everybody while thinking about the offensive posters these women were holding since few days. She carefully and with effort prepared the typical Desi breakfast for everybody... Parathay, anday and chaye to you know is an essential 'ashraf-ul-mashrubat' in our desi households. Khair, she served everybody and just when she was about to start eating, she heard somebody saying 'oh the chaye is cold and the egg should be fully cooked' so she left her breakfast and rushed towards them to fix the problems only to see the faces not satisfied which broke a little piece of her heart but she smiled that it's not a big deal.    

She kept working till night from lunch to tea to dinner and tackling a kid along. She felt exhausted and just then she felt a little pain in her kidney side which eventually grew worse and she was taken to hospital where she got an injection and finally felt at ease and slept. In the morning, when her husband left for office, she felt the pain again and it got severe, she tried getting up for making breakfast for family but she couldn't help herself.

Just then, somebody knocked at her door and asked angrily that she haven't prepared the breakfast yet and elderly people are waiting. She told about the pain but she noticed still there isn't any concern on the other face so she got up any way and said she'll prepare the breakfast now. Pain was unbearable, she was feeling weak as she put the kettle on the stove she thought why people think of some as idle creatures. She saw not-so-happy faces awaiting her as she put the tray in front of them 'you should have brought the lemons in a small plate not like in tray like this okay?' 
And then.. something happened to her...as she was walking to her room..Losing yourself for others still hearing words that split the heart is heart wrenching hard...earth shattering hard!! She was in a deep thought as she sat on the bed, put up her phone and called nerdy nida "When and where is this march?"

My contribution to the word prompt 'Story' hosted by @thetzwriteups inspired by @monimohsin.

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