'Listen' - Word Prompt Challenge Hosted by Me

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'Listen' - Word Prompt Challenge Hosted by Me

✨There are times when it strucks me bad that how strange it is that we and other non-arabic muslims have memorized prayers and Salah without having a slightest idea what we are actually saying, what is meant by it, do we really mean what we say??⁣

✨Words for me are like elegant tiny flowers- ready to bloom! Don't you think words become full of life when we inquire their meanings? But unfortunately what I have observed it that words penetrate less and become an act of immitating more.⁣

✨Isn't it odd that we see people around us reading and reading Quran all day but never try to just take an ayah and understand what is it saying? So 'listen', don't let this act of thinking subsumed by the act of mimicking, be it namaz or Quran. Atleast know what you are saying. ⁣

✨Now Ramadan is coming ahead, you will see people focusing on the quantity like 'I will complete 20 Qurans this Ramadan'. Let me clear I am not saying you shouldn't read , people do it out of love but let them remind that spend 10 min reading the translation too so the words could penetrate and we become mindful Muslims.⁣

🌺My entry for this week's photo prompt challenge hosted by me 😊. Anyone can participate by using hashtag #mymoodandcreativity. ⁣

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