In the times of Corona...

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In the times of Corona...

In the times of #corona, we all are much worried. There is a chaotic situation everywhere around the globe especially if you turn on your telly but still people are not taking precautions while some are aware of it and trying to spread the word by using any platform/source available to them.  By now, you guys have read much about it from here and there. I am just playing my part and I have gathered some information from different people and social media pages that I wanted to blog so that it could be available at one place. As Corona is already making its roots in Pakistan, this is the stage when we have to be more aware of what we need to DO rather than what we need to Know. So there are two kinds of precautions that can help you prevent the virus i.e. Safety Precautions and Food Precautions as you need to strengthen your immune system to fight it.

🦠 Safety Precautions

 1. Wash Hands Regularly
 2. Stay at home, avoiding unnecessary contact with people (stop eating out, stop visiting shopping malls)
3. Drink water/juices and do not let your throat dry
4. Avoid contact with face and eyes
5. Virus is transmitted through animal host so avoid coming in contact with animals or stray animals
6. Morning and Evening Azkar for protection
7. Drink hot water (kills toxins and help preventing flu) try with lemon or ginger
8. Everything you eat, wash it well
9. When you come home from outside , wash your hands first and rinse nostrils.
10. Keep your shoes/sandles outside your bedroom
11. If you have high fever along with flu, rush to hospital and do not stay at home for family's safety.                   

             🦠 *For boosting Immune System*                              
One of my friends who is a nutritionist now @nidasaher was kind enough to share the foods that you should consume these days to strengthen your immune system so here's the list: 
 1. Protein intake (Eggs, Redmeat, chicken, fish).      
2. Chickpeas                        
3. Kidney beans                    
4. Lentils.                               
5. Spinach or any other green leafy vegetables.        
6. Nuts like almond and walnuts.                    7. Seeds (flax seeds, pumpkin seeds)                8. Vitamin C intake ( Oranges, orange juice, citrus fruits, lemon juice over your meal)      9. Yogurt (or other probiotics)                      10. Green tea ( with ginger and lemon to increase immunity)            
11. Do not drink cold water or cold beverages
12. Take all kinds of fruits
13. Avoid Junk Food.


 In such times, when everyone is panicky, they become more stressed with the unavailability or shortage of the masks. Kindly understand that masks are only required if you are taking care of infected people. There are two types of masks currently available in the markets:   
 1. The surgical masks these masks are in so much demand these days but after some digging I became aware of the fact that they DOES NOT provide any protection against virus. Reason is that the pores are large and this mask cannot filter the infectious agents (airborne). HOWEVER, you MUST wear this mask if you have coughing and sneezing or any other symptoms of Corona as a precaution to stop your respiratory fluids from reaching other people who are not showing any symptom.                

2. The N-95 Masks: 
This mask do filter out the infectious agents present in the air because it has a respiratory shield. It also needed for those who are themselves infected or they are taking care of anyone who is infected or you need to wear it at a stage when the virus is widespread and there is majority of affectees like in Italy.                     
If you feel the need to wear it, you should also know how to wear it and dispose it off. When you feel that it's damp. Remove it from the back side. Don't touch the front of mask. It's more important to wash your hands regularly than to wear mask.

If you know any other information worth sharing, kindly write in the comments below. Please stay at home and stay safe. Thank you!

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