Hot Lemon Water and Corona

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Hot Lemon Water and Corona

With this #coronaoutbreak, everyone is anxious and in a panicky situation even normal body pain or cough upsets us. Let us stay calm and take necessary precautions instead of just sitting and freaking out. ⁣
You guys might have seen a video circulating where it is emphasized to use hot lemon water as a cure for #coronavirus. ⁣

In case you haven't seen the video let me tell you the information it provided to me and others. Dear followers, most of the countries in the world lack the essential equipment for treatment. Therefore, it's better to stay at home and take the precautions that can help prevent. You know better the situation of our country where even  in normal situations, there is insufficient equipment and staff so what do you expect in such a panicky situation in which even well developed countries are suffering. Don't forget there is no vaccine discovered for it yet. Your safety is in your hands and other:s safety is also in your hands.  ⁣

The video informs that CEO of Beijing military hospital, professor Chen Horins emphasizes that having hot water poured over 3 slices of lemons in a cup turns it into alkaline water. Drinking it will help in proliferation of the virus. Taking this extract destroys the virus and cures the flu. You should know that taking natural vitamin C foods will make your immune system strong.⁣

So today after breakfast, I just prepared it for whole family. It's so simple and have lots of benefits apart from curing virus. ⁣

What you need? ⁣
πŸ‹ Lemons (1 for 1 cup sliced)⁣
πŸ‹Water (1 cup for 1 person) ⁣

Method: ⁣
Boil the water. ⁣
Cut one lemon into 3 slices into a cup.⁣
Pour hot water over it. ⁣
Leave it for some time.  ⁣
Drink it. ⁣
That's it!⁣

So like me, kindly prepare it for your family and try to play your part. 😊⁣

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