Easiest Orange Cake Recipe ( pateela and oven both methods)

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Easiest Orange Cake Recipe ( pateela and oven both methods)

🧁So till now, the poll has got all the votes for orange cake. So yesterday was my father I law's birthday and as he doesn't like chocolate and cream cakes, I tried orange cake. So let's talk about the cake

🧁If you're a kind of person who loves baking but gets frustrated while reading a long recipe because it seems to get complicated and too many ingredients make you feel like buying from the market rather making yourself or in short, if you're a lazy mom/baker, then this recipe is for you 😝. I mean you just have to put everything in the blender/juicer and then bake 😀

🧁It's the easiest yet flavorful recipe and traditional yet timeless. The sponge is really light, airy and moist. You can say it is an orange scented pound cake.

🧁Another plus is that no fancy frostings are required for it. Just simply spread a little amount of jam over it and that's it. It can be happily devoured with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Oh bdw, there's an interesting fact about coffee cakes, wanna listen? Soooo, you know the term coffee cake is so wrongly taken now. Actually coffee cake used to mean any cake that can accompany a cup of tea or coffee nicely.

🧁Coming back to the cake, you can add a pinch of vanilla essence in it for flavor but I didn't have it and honestly speaking, even without vanilla essence, this cake is a Star 🌟

👩‍🍳So here is the recipe:

1/2 cup oil
3/4 cup sugar ( not grinded)
1- 1/2 cup maida
3 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
Few drops vanilla essence
Orange (one small, sweet and deseeded)


🍰Put oil, sugar, eggs and orange (cut in small pieces along with its peel in the juicer/blend.

🍰Blend the mixture for 2 minutes

🍰Empty the mixture into a bowl.

🍰Sift maida and baking powder in it. Add some, then just mix and then add the remaining and mix but don't beat or over mix it. Mix it gently for incorporating the dry mixture into the wet mixture.

🍰Greese the pan, apply butter paper or khaki paper or newspaper whatever is available. Put the batter in it.

🍰No need to preheat the patila. Just put any stand or lid inside the patila and put the cake pan over it, cover with the lid. Put the flame on medium for 2 minutes and then bake on slow flame for 30-35 minutes or until it is done.


🍊For baking in oven, put the temperature on 180° for 25 minutes.

🍊If you don't like the rich flavor or aroma of orange, then add half orange peels in the blender and throw the other half in bin (but trust me, add whole peel and you will love the flavor)

🍊Put a warm cloth over the pateela lid for stopping the hot air from coming out.

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