What are you thankful for? (keeping up with Quran after motherhood)

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What are you thankful for? (keeping up with Quran after motherhood)

✨Though I won't say that I'm a very practical muslim and regular with my prayers but I have always taken deep interest in understanding Quran and becoming a good muslimah.

✨Before marriage, I used to sit in my room alone, listen tafseer, have highlighters and pens with me for making notes and I would love to explore gems and reminders from this beautiful book and jot them down on a paper and paste it on my Quran so that next time I read, I could know what these verses were about. 

✨After my wedding, with responsibilities of home and kid, I hardly get any time for sitting peacefully like that for reading and reflecting. To be honest, even keeping up with prayers became challenging. I started craving for the way I used to ponder over Quran.

✨As my son grew up a little more, I started joining some WhatsApp groups for tafseer but I couldn't follow the lessons so eventually I left them.

✨This time I found a very nice group on WhatsApp where they sent tafseer of some verses weekly and that too by my favorite scholar. So I decided that I would try my best to follow the lessons. So I some how managed to complete surah fateha. When surah baqarah started, I became too busy with weddings and stuff that even following 7 verses became difficult. I prayed to Allah k Ya Allah kuch hojae k jb tk me 7 verses sun na lu aage na jaen. And to my surprise the admin of the group started some other series in the group. I asked admin that when surah baqarah will be continued and she said after this series. So I had enough time to listen. 

✨Few days ago, when I finished all the chores and my son was sleeping. I sat near heater with my Quran with me and handsfree for playing those verses. As soon as I pressed the play button, my son woke up and started crying, I said in my heart oh Allah what a test! I held my child and to my surprise, he started sleeping again and i put him in bed again.

 ✨I played again and listened to the tafseer, made notes, highlighted, did what I loved to. When the scholar spoke, his words clung together like tiny grains of steamed food, ready to feed my hungry soul*.

✨As I closed the video, I felt so light but at the same time I felt that we are lost in tiresome duality of this world that coming back to this book gives peace. 

✨I felt Soo 'thankful for' that moment and I thought surely Allah give you what you want if you pray with your heart as Allah made my kid sleep again and as he didn't let the admin post next verses at that time ☺️

💌 My entry for weekly prompt challenge 'thankful for' hosted by @drsarahzia. 

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