Word Prompt 'Silent Tears'

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Word Prompt 'Silent Tears'

🎓My convocation ceremony of Mphil was one of the memorable experiences of my life. Not only because it was the day of excitement and success that I received my degree with third position but because it was so so emotional and the memory bring s 'silent tears' for me.

🎓We were there at convention center proudly sitting in our convocation and gowns listening to Governor's speech as he said 'go home and make your parents wear these medals as they did a lot to see you here. Mothers that took care of your breakfasts and dinners while you were busy preparing for exams and fathers who made sure you reach University safely and on time, are the people whom we should congratulate'

🎓My mother was sitting behind me in the parent's section. At that moment, I couldn't hold my tears as I was married at that time and couldn't resist thinking about how I always used to be in hurry, just used to put everything needed in my bag, wear my abaya and leave in hurry but my mother used to prepare breakfast and pack it, running behind me that at least I take it with me so that I could eat in University.

🎓Now I am a mother too. While I run behind my son for feeding him and all he cares about is playing and doing naughty things, I  frequently think about that University time. How we take such things for granted and how careless we were. You only realize when you know now nobody is gonna run behind you to make you eat because you are yourself grown up and responsible enough to take care of yourself and people who need you like your son. As I glanced at my degree cover while sipping my tea gingerly today and recalled all the emotional University memories that bring silent tears to my eyes, I said to myself that life is not as straight as a dried spaghetti and you have to move on because the cycle goes on 😊

*My entry for this week's prompt 'silent tears' hosted by @happily_everafter_mom*

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