Quaid Day and Corruption

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Quaid Day and Corruption

Where people are posting quotes of Quaid on social media platforms and I hear things like "Kash ask Quaid e Azam hoty to mulk ka yeh haal na hota", I wonder what would have been different if he was alive? Can any leader/politician enter in our houses and fix the corrupt systems we are part of? No.

I mean where do we stand as a nation? Our intentions, our thinking, our actions are to be fixed by our ownself. Somebody else can give you realization but you have to fix it yourself

We are a nation that shamelessly erases expiry dates not realizing that what harm it can bring to somebody.
It's suffocating to be in such a system and you are a fool if you blame any government official or organization for such manipulation in our society.

People are posting about the realizations made in 2019 or achievements. To be honest, I believe my realization is that corruption is not only by government organizations, it is long settled in our mindsets and changing mindsets is hell of a job 😔🙁

As I think about this, amidst all this chaos I wonder where do I stand and this constant fear is looming over my head that today I am pointing finger but tomorrow I may too become a part of this system and how we are gonna teach our children to survive in this manipulative system and to know that corruption lies within us 😭

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