Winter Talk ☃️

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Winter Talk ☃️

Yesterday was the first winter rain, I mean the one after which we can say 'ab winter is here'. ❄️Let's talk about winters today. Are you a winter person? And what are winters to you? How do you enjoy them? So many questions? Well if you ask me, for me winters bring the childhood memories of being cozy in a razai (quilt) with siblings and having peanuts while enjoying any drama or show together on TV. 90's kids surely have amazing memories I know 💗

But now things are a bit different being a mom and wife and endless responsibilities. We might not enjoy this chilly weather like we used to but every phase has its own charm 🤱

So yesterday when it rained, I felt a wave of exhaustion sweep over me in the evening as with a toddler that drives crazy it was a hell of a day where I was working at a superhuman pace when he slept. So I felt like going outside just for a change and it was a total random plan. We went outside to @quettatea. While I ordered cheese paratha and tea my husband ordered green tea and fries🍟☕

While we ate in the car, the food was served hot and was too yummy. ' the tea was fantastic 😝' and cheese paratha in this chilly weather was a treat to the tastebuds. My son loved fries and green tea was awesome too. 

What are you guys fond of eating in rainy weather? 🧣🧤

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