Mornings of a Mom 🍳🥪

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Mornings of a Mom 🍳🥪

🌄Look at this picture. A half fried egg, apples, bananas, almonds, naan bread and tea, doesn't it look like a perfect😊 breakfast and morning to start the day with Yeah it does but how often a young mother gets to eat peacefully. Breakfast comes by rarely when you have little ones to tackle in the AM if they are early risers like mine OR *sighs* breakfast comes at the time of the lunch 😞

Mornings generally set tone of the day but what morning of a mom is like? She plans the day ahead: dishes to do, toddler to entertain, cooking and the list goes on.

🥯They say you should wake up early for that alone time, enough to plan the day peacefully.
But that's what they say.
I say no matter I wake up at 6 or 7, my kid will get to know through 'wake up radar' they have and that 'alone time's not gonna happen.

🥯So my morning starts with a tiny tap on my eyelid or crying of my baby in the arse (Mom leave the bed, I am up and I need things).

Okay okay. Let me just brush my teeeee...
'No mom, lift me up first' 😒

Okay let me just splash some water on my fa...
'MOMMMYYYYY... I'm hungry 😣

*The baby just dumped all the food on the floor* 🤦

Baby is crying, you made him sit in pram in the kitchen and you're preparing breakfast for family and singing 'baby shark do do do do' although deep down you know you hate this song 😂 and then,

*The baby pooped* Oh myy do you have to poop right after I bundled you all up 😭

And it goes on.
And on...and on!

And then comes the tears. 😿
And then the thoughts that why our morning ends up like this. 🤷

And then, finally he sleeps while you're engrossed in your thoughts of 'morning expectations'

Now that the baby sleeps, you close 'baby shark' on your phone thinkinh 'enough of you today' 🤨

And finally start having your breakfast 'peacefully'.

📷 Following this week's prompt 'mornings' hosted by @nostalgiafilledmom.  #mymoodandcreativity

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