Safest Baby Bottles/Feeders (PP5)

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Safest Baby Bottles/Feeders (PP5)

Do you know that which kind of plastic bottles are safe for your baby's health? Well, I didn't know that. I came to know about some interesting info regarding it as I went to the market to buy a new bottle for my son. 🍼
As I was standing in front of the baby bottles shelf looking at the various types and colors of bottles. I chose two and the shopkeeper placed both in front of me. As I was looking at both of them, the owner of the shop came and turned the bottles. He saw something at the bottom of the feeders and put his hand on one, 'This one's is good', he said. While I was wondering, what did he saw, he told me himself that was a news to me. 👶

He told me that whenever you buy baby bottle, turn it upside down and look, if there is a triangular sign and 'PP5' written over it, then buy it otherwise don't. further, he told me that there is punishment on selling baby bottles other than PP5'. Although I wondered that if there is punishment, then why he has the other ones in his shop too but I didn't say anything. Don't know why! but when I came home, I did some digging on it and what I find out, I'm sharing in bullets down below

1. Swipe to see there are plastic labels from 1 to 7 and the safest choices are only of 2,4 and 5. The triangular sign is the symbol of recycling. Number 3 and 6 are clear threat, that's why we have to avoid them and the number 1 is use with caution. (I would explain only PP5 here as it's the one recommended for baby bottles and you can read about the other types on your own) ♻

2. PP stands for Polypropylene which is a thermo polymer plastic. PP5 is the one which is strong enough and have resistance against heat and can act as a barrier against moisture. It is tough and reliable.

3. PP5 is mostly used for baby bottles, Margarine/Yogurt boxes, Kitchenware, Microwaveable containers and plastic cups. 📦🍵

4. PP5 is durable plastic and very resistant to chemical breakdowns. It is doshwasher safe too and reuseable many times that's why only this one is to be used for your baby's bottles.✅

5. Turn your baby bottles, see the bottom, can you see a recycling symbol along with PP5 label? You have to see it carefully as on my baby's bottle too, it is engraved with transprent text and only become visible when you look closely or in good light.🔦🕯

6. You have to avoid using plastic baby bottles or containers with the recycling number 7 and the letters “PC” imprinted on them. Many contain BPA (Bisphenol)❌

7. Discard baby bottle after usage of 3 months if u sterilize them a lot or else after 4 months. 🗑

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