Review of Desi Essentials/Organic Products

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Review of Desi Essentials/Organic Products

I am too late in reviewing this PR package sent to me by @desi.essentials. First, my father wasn't well so I didn't feel like using social media. Second, I had to use these products for some days to review them honestly!
So desi essentials were kind enough to send me their:

🌱 Ageless Eye Serum
🌱 Desi clear-Frankincense milk facial toner
🌱 Oh my Glow- Glowing 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask

πŸƒI started using the toner first and although it gave a refreshing feel but I didn't feel much difference. Then I used the scrub and oh myyy! that thing is magic in the jar, it became my favourite among all products. Its aroma is nice and after washing it gives such a smooth and gliding effect on the face that I literally touched it few times while watching in the mirror coz this seemed really...really magical! Seems like the exfoliation perfectly removes the dead cells from the layers of skin.
Some of the paste was left and I applied it on my hands and it also left my hands soft.

πŸƒThen I realized that the toner will work best too if I'll apply it after scrub. I tried this way and see a clear difference in the clarity of my pores. The toner is very hydrating and the best part? It's a spray so just spritz and pat into your skin for a convenient application.

πŸƒEye serum is very moisturizing and gliding. Although I can't say it can remove the puffiness of the eyes or not because I didn't have puffiness, I have dark circles which it didn't help with. I must say that the moisturizing feel it gives till morning around the eyes is really good!

❎Cons: Only that because the products were sent from Karachi to Islamabad, 2 products were not sealed well and they leaked while they reached me and half of the product was gone!

🌹 Overall it was a good experience and the scrub is what I'll love ordering and having! Execellent results without any side effect.

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