Post-Partum Depression/Mental Health Day

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Post-Partum Depression/Mental Health Day

On this mental health day, I'm glad to be a part of a group of bloggers discussing different psychological issues initiated by @kw.writes. I chose talk about post partum depression.


🌷Postpartum depression is actually imbalance of physical, emotional and behavioral changes after giving birth. That means sometimes you'll be excited and the next minute you'll be gloomy or angry for no apparent reason. Sometimes you'll weep a lot. Let me tell you the reason: this is because the new mommies are exhausted and the extreme sleep deprivation while taking care of their newborn causes this disturbing phase.

🌷Some new mothers develop the anxities because they can't breastfeed because of insufficient milk supply. PPD is taken light in our society but it's a serious issue. With a new born dependent on you all the time, changes that occur in the lifestyle, added responsibilities and not being able to breastfeed and societal pressures etc, the new mothers get insane, it drives them crazy thinking how they'll manage this all.

🌷While researching on this topic before penning it down, I read some accounts of women who had been through PPD and some of them were too shocking. For example, a mother wrote that she went to the depression she tried hard to go back to normal but there were times when she was mentally so upset that she wanted to throw her baby from the balcony. You guys might think of her as a 'bad mother' but this is the reality that PPD can make you go crazy as hell!


🌟Husbands, this is for you!

The love, care and trust husband can give to his wife at that particular phase can do wonders. They should take some load of their wives and share duties in that bad phase, as the experts suggest. It really makes amazing difference. Bringing a child in this world is easy but both parents need to perform their responsibilities. Share her burdern, rather than making the best moment her worst nightmare.

🌟Second, there is need to tell the 'breastfeeding brigade'  that yeah there are lots of benefits of breastfeeding but if somebody is not able to breastfeed, it is surely not the end of the world. Babies can be fine and healthy without it too

🌟Third, there is the need to aware people that throwing phases like ' hum bhi guzre hain is time se' or 'hum ne b paale hen bchy' isn't right. People need to understand that every pregnancy, mother and baby are different. Not everybody have the same threshold and not everybody's body react the same way! So being with the new mother, helping her and counselling her is required instead of making her more depress.


💐 Let's see what Islam says about this. You know that Allah has talked about PPD in Qur'an? Yess, Allah has called the initial years of motherhood as 'Wahn'  which means weak and feeble, lax in the joints, broken in energy, sap the strength, to lose vigour or courage, to discourage, dishearten, wear down. Allah has described this as 'wahn ala wahn' weakness upon weakness so double all the above mentioned things, this is what that phase is Quran (24:35). 

So dear new moms, if you are going through this phase, don't be sad when people tell you ' all women do it not a big deal', just know that your Lord Allah accepts that it is hard and acknowledges that it's hardship layered over hardship. So if Lord of the words acknowledges, do you need anybody else's stamp of approval? Not your single tear, pain or sweat is gone under the rug, Allah understands and will reward you immensely!

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  1. A highly valuable topic....and u explained everything so well... Good job... May Allah bless all mommies with strength to raise their child at their best and keep their own selfs healthy and happy as well. Amen