Wash your hands and Do not kiss a baby!

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Wash your hands and Do not kiss a baby!

 🚫I had to talk to about it I knew but I was too lazy to write these days.
I'm here to discuss Aliza's story, an 8 days old baby girl, Aliza Rosa Friend who lost her life because of unwashed hands and kiss of a visitor who came to see the little angel.

🚫 How soul shattering is this? and how empty must be the mother #AbigailRose. Her newborn baby lost life in her arms and she said she told her baby that it's okay to let go as she turned blue because she had already fought hard. The baby gasped for the air but there was nothing she could do as only machines were keeping her alive.

🚫 Aliza was born perfectly healthy and chubby but suddenly her health started deteriorating and she was tested for HSV-1 (the common cold sore virus), it came positive. Abigail rose is now campaigning on social media to spread awareness to new parents.

🚫 Please wash your hands before touching a baby especially a new born baby and don't kiss atleast for a month. Anybody can be the carrier of cold sore and don't know it. We don't even know that this virus is too fatal. Take precautions as it can be the matter of life and death.

🚫 Abigail Rose and her husband have gone through a lot, they have taken the hardest decision any parent could have. They decided to take their baby off of life support... That kiss became 'kiss of death' for her.

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