Eight Things I Didn't Know Before Motherhood

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Eight Things I Didn't Know Before Motherhood

Hello Everybody! 
I was nominated by my fellow blogger/friend @zenormous to talk about eight (although she asked for five but I didn't realize and wrote eight :-P) things I didn't know before motherhood. I readily accepted the challenge as it was really interesting. So here I go, 

1. I didn't know that I'll wake up too early after motherhood, even before my baby sometimes just to have some quiet time alone or to have a cup of tea peacefully before the *busy-ness* of the actually begins and starts consuming me. :-D 

2. I didn't know that after motherhood,I'll care so less about the way I dress and about the way I look because now I believe giving my body and mind some rest is more important than the way I look. 

3. I didn't know that I'll be playing silly games with my son just to see that tiny handsome man's beautiful laugh like I would place an object over my head just to make him see clap as it slips and falls from my head or I would make such ugly faces for him that I never thought I would have ever make in life. :-D

4. I didn't know that in the initial few months after his birth, I would stay awake whole night and sit on terrace with him in the jhoola tied to the chorpoy as he used to cry all night because of colic and would only stop in that desi jhoola.

5. I didn't know that my body will get used to functioning even without getting any proper sleep.

6. I didn't know that I can be really good multi-tasker and to this extent that while giving my baby milk bottle, I can hold a good book on the other hand and fulfill my bibliophilic cravings :-D (You know mothers hardly get any time to read so )

7. and I didn't know that only other's awake babies look cute. You're gonna be a murderer to those who disturb your sleeping beauty while you have other works to do. 

8. I didn't know that the friends with whom I used to have chat about the classes, university events, arranging class parties...now we'll whatsapp about the baby foods, baby's changed poop color and motherhood.

I think that's all what I have in my mind right now. I hope you like it. I think it's interesting to read other's experiences as well so I'm gonna nominate some other bloggers. Check instagram


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  1. Interesting to read.. 4 out of 8 are related to sleep.. sleep is the most discussed\talked about topic on those initial days.;-)

    1. Thanks for reading and yeah because as we get mature, we realize that NOTHING in this world is more important than sleep! haha :-D