Cheezious's Chicken Pasta, Pizza Stacker, Potato Skins

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Cheezious's Chicken Pasta, Pizza Stacker, Potato Skins

Food is what we love to talk about. Stay with me as I came with my #Sachayreviews. I reviewed cheezious earlier too but this time we ordered different food items to give them a try. What we ordered:
🍝 Crunchy Chicken Pasta
πŸ” Pizza Stacker
🍠 Potato Skins

🍟Let's start with the thing that we liked the most. Crunchy Chicken Pasta was just amazing. The perfectly baked chicken was layered over the white sauce pasta and was served hot. Pasta was creamy and was seasoned well. It was the only item that day abt which we can undoubtedly say that we will go for it again. It costed us 450 Rs but it was worth it.

🍟Pizza Stacker was a huge disappointment coming from an eatery that serves yummiest pizza (Read my review of their crown crust pizza on blog)  It was just so so. We liked their zinger burger better than pizza stacker. It didn't even look appetising. It was below average and costed 480 Pkr which was not worth it at all.

🍟The potato skins should contain the sour cream sauce as they say but it really felt like it was just cream taken from fresh milk and applied over boiled potatoes. They costed us 220 Pkr. Didn't impressed us.

It wasn't a good experience this time but their crown crust pizza and flaming wings are to die for! Definitely going for them again.

Total Damage: 1150
Taste: Pasta (9/10), Stacker (5.5/10), Potato Skins (4/10)
Have you ever been to Cheezious, tell your experience below

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