Anger Management/Hunain Bilal / Kfc

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Anger Management/Hunain Bilal / Kfc

Last 2 days have been so upsetting that I didn't feel like posting anything or rather doing any happy post. but now I felt, we need to talk about it.

A day ago, I was just sitting after having my breakfast, scrolling down my facebook timeline and sipping my tea gingerly along, I begin to read a post on a food group.
She narrated the incident for which she was an eyewitness. She told that a woman at @KFC F-10 complained that the burgers she ordered are stale. In a moment, her sanity (if there was any) turned into lunacy and she dismantled the burgers, threw the buns at the staff, threw the patty at their staff while shouting and screaming along! Even doing that much couldn't satisfy her, she then threw a full glass of coke at one of their waiter's face... then she stormed outside while her lips uttered 'fuck you'.
The waiter resigned from his job later on.
This is the incident 1.

Then I came to know about a teenage boy corporal punished till death for not learning the lesson. I won't go into details how, it really is heartbreaking to even imagine :'( . But how strange is to think: a student murdered by teacher Ya Allah! why this world is becoming so insane. parhay likhay jaahil. This is the incident 2.

While I ponder over these two incidents as what can be the reason, I think that we bloggers should really start talking about 'Anger Management' as much as we talk about mental health and self care these days. If we'll not know how to control our anger, it can turn into such hostility that's verge on that level of hatred which can take a person's precious life away or like that woman we can treat somebody as worthless? The word 'influencer' in our bio comes with a lot responsibility. Let's start talking about anger management!
Please give and take respect! :-(

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