Stay Hydrated/ Juice Land Review 🍹

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Stay Hydrated/ Juice Land Review 🍹

It's too hot today in Islamabad and I'm sweating buckets 😰 so it's most important than ever to stay hydrated 🍶. Especially the #mommies, we often ignore our thirst while working which shouldn't happen. Please keep a water bottle along with you and take water breaks during your work.

Orrrr... just go to any place which serves chilled and refreshing shakes and juices 🍸As we did :-D

We had a quick trip to #JuiceLand Islamabad and we tried Mango Shake, Cocktail and #GolaFalooda.
Wait what???               
Gola Falooda? Eh?
Yeah yeah golaaa falooodaaaa but let's talk about this story later on 😒

🍹 The mango shake truely lives upto the hype. It was just perfect in terms of its thickness, quantity and taste. Neither too thin nor too over milky and perfect sugar quantity. Cherry on the top are the mango chunks over it 🥭

Mango Shake

 The fruit cocktail is no less. You're gonna come again for it. It has fruit chunks in it and was served chilled.

🍹Haaah! let's talk about gola falooda. When I read it on the menu, I pictured it somewhat like it would be the usual kulfa falooda and in the centre would be baraf gola and my 'imaginative' gola falooda was so tempting that I couldn't resist ordering it and when it came...when it came...!!   


It was just a gola, bigger in size but falooda was nowhere. I even thought that maybe if I'll take a bite, the ice will break and falooda will come out of it.. 🙈

Haha...silly thoughts!
But that's about it 🍧

So don't get ditched and confused by its name. I don't know why they attach the word faluda with it. It's just too confusing. You can have a look at picture 3 to see #GolaFalooda 😆

But anyways, if I pop the baloon of my imaginative gola falooda, and take it as it is, it was no doubt a yummy gola and I wanted to have it since my university life ended.
Good experience over all. Best place in capital for juices and shakes. 👏🏻

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