Reflections from Surah Kahf 🌺

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Reflections from Surah Kahf 🌺

Today in the morning, I was just scrolling down my insta feed and I stopped at my fellow blogger @cookie-momster's post about having one anti-screen day in a week. It hit me hard and then I was thinking about Friday too. Not too digress, It just clicked me that why not Friday be that day we give less time to screens or social media and spend more time to spiritually cleanse ourself. πŸ“ΏπŸ§•πŸ»
Why not we take shower, dress nicely, cut our nails, apply a good fragrance, offer salah, do dhikr and all that #thingstodoonfriday stuff instead of scrolling our insta feeds endlessly and aimlessly. So, I did that and my dearies, I can't explain that oh-so-pure kinda feeling! 🚿 πŸ‘—
You know it's something really really spiritual and kinda 'full of noor' on Fridays. There's something special about this day that even Adam A.S was created on Friday and the day of Judgement will be Friday. I was pondering why so many important decisions are taken on this day!

Oh yes and let me tell you, I was reading a friday reminder that we should read Surah Kahf. I thought, what's the purpose? then I got the answer myself. Prophet S.A.W.W said whoever will read surah kahf on jummah, he will have noor that will shine from him till next friday (refrence in comments). so remember, that noor and spiritually being high feeling that I was talking about? Allah is so merciful, no doubt, HE is giving us a chance to have that feeling throughout the week. Isn't it amazing? We just have to read Surah Kahf for that ✨
Having said that, I was thinking there must be something real precious in Surah Kahf that Allah wants us to read every Friday? So why not on every Friday, I share a reminder or a thing to ponder upon, from Surah Kahf?? What are your thoughts? 🌺

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