Cultural Food 🍒

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Cultural Food 🍒

Some foods are so special because they're associated with any place and bring back memories of that and some become special because they are sent to you by people whom you love and idealize. 🌷

I am fortunately, so lucky that I got these yummy treats that came from Allah' home and by my lovely Qur'an teacher whom I love for the sake of Allah as she inspired me with her understanding of deen and taught me the way which made me learn more and more, a never ending curiosity to explore! May Allah reward her immensely for that Ameen.🌟

Apart from that, I was thinking that there are also some foods that are associated with a place but you have never eaten them actually but you have a desire of trying that. 😋

In my case, that's Hunza's food. I've seen the pix, I've heard a lot, I've read the recipes but there's something really fascinating about the food and culture of Hunza that even when I haven't visited it myself still I want to go and eat and explore! 🍒

Have you ever been to hunza? tell me more about it. Have you tried the traditional food? I have heard about Hunza's Giyaling, Chaapshuru, Dawdoo soup, Hoi Garma, Apricot cake and cherries ofcourse. 🍥

Or is there any traditional food your locality is famous for? what's that? or is there any food you crave to eat and you're curious to try but you haven't yet?

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