Biowash product review

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Biowash product review

Few days ago, I received this PR from but I had to use it first and then write my #sachareview. First and foremost, I'm genuinely glad that in our country such products are being made now that focus particularly on women's hygeine. 🚺

So why there's a need of such a product?
Actually, in our country, since years women are using the soaps for their sensitive area which may lead to infection. Moreover, be it itching or dryness or any other problem, women tend to hesitate in seeking medical advice rather they do experiments in their homes to deal with their problem while most of them are dangerous to such a sensitive area.

Biowash, is the one solution to all these problems and maintains personal hygiene. 🌺

How to use it?
It's too easy just take 10-20 drops of biowash lotion, create lather and apply then rinse well. Use atleast once a day. Have healthy feeling. 💧

Where to get it?
Biowash is now available at medical stores or local beauty salons. If it isn't available at your nearest medical store, don't worry, rather sms or whatsapp on 0314-5005105 to place the order with free home delivery. It's available in 15ml and 50ml packs.📲

Free Consultation: 👩
Dr. Rahat Mumtaz (Gynecologist/Sonologist) can offer free consultation in privacy, for that you guys have to join thr facebook group:

My Experience:
I have used the lotion myself and honestly I felt really cool, fresh and healthy. I'm gonna use it daily as when one's hygiene is at good level, one feel more confident and fresh. 🆒
Recommended. ✅

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