Barefeet babies and Development 🐾

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Barefeet babies and Development 🐾

Do you let your babies walk barefeet, mums? Well the researches have shown that your baby's motor skills will improve if you don't put shoes most of the time and let them crawl or walk barefeet.🏻🐾

▪ The concept is known as 'grounding' or earthing' implying that when baby's feet come in contact with earth, a positive energy passes on to the body which is important for stability and well-being!

▪ The researchers claim that there are few kinds of sensory systems that are crucial for baby's functionality of brain and general development. For developing these systems, certain 'grounding' or barefeet time is required.

▪ So mums, making your muchkins wear socks or shoes most of the time limits their sensory sense to be stimulated through contact with earth. When they're wearing boots, the sense of touch is lost and messages to brain are stopped.

▪ Researchers from @florida university also found that the barefoot runners had better memories as compared to the ones running in shoes.

I let my baby crawl barefeet. Do you?

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