White noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise: The Sounds of Sleep??

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White noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise: The Sounds of Sleep??

It's 2:20 am and this is bothering you so much now...You know you have to take solid night sleep, otherwise your meeting tomorrow in the early morning and also your whole day would be  downright brutal!! Oh you're trying, now even more, what should you do!... yeah a cup of chamomile tea...maybe? or probably you should for any noise!!! 

White noise? Pink noise? Brown noise?? I wasn't familiar that these noises even exist in the world until I stepped into the club of motherhood! yeah parenting gets you familiar with such strange terms you haven't heard before but when I came to know about the white noise, the concept looked so interesting to me so I did some digging into it and found that there are pink and brown noises as well but finding something easy to comprehend was like finding needle in the haystack, yeah so much scientific explanations that I was thinking of throwing in the towels because those could make the blog so boring for me as well!
So, let me tell you what I have learned so far! These noises are used for calming the fussy babies and making them sleep. They say, if your baby is colic and cry all the time, try white noise!! 

White noise actually seems like a radio which is tuned to a specific frequency. You can hear white noise on youtube. 

Pink noise on the other hand is much similar to white noise but it has reduced higher frequencies as compared to white noise which makes it more soothing. The sound of the wind or rainfall is usually categorized into pink noise. I came to know that there are some researches that proved that sleeping with the soothing pink noise can assist you with your memories and that, pink noise is more beneficial than white noise. 

Now what's this brown noise fellas?? This one actually has even more reduction of higher frequencies but it's a bit rough than pink noise like the roar of river or the harsh and strong wind.

Although all these theories/studies are present still these sounds doesn't work for all. There are some mommies who sleep themselves to white noise but it never worked for their babies and it made them cry even more haha... the pakistani desi bachas never come in this trap :-D. 
For some, it works, calm their babies and made them sleep well and longer so it is such a relief for those mommys! 

So if your baby is suffering from insomnia, try these or for yourself, discover which one works best for you! By the way, are you guys familiar with Pavlov's theory? the conditioning one? I think these noises come under that umbrella. You're conditioned to sleeping with these noises maybe! 
In the west, people now use different machines that produce these sounds and help them in nodding off. Here, people are getting aware about this and usually download apps or youtube videos that help them in sleeping well!

> Personal Experience: 

Actually my baby was a colic baby too and I remember, my husband and I used to spend whole nights holding him and walking here and there in the room then I heard about sound of rainfall that it calms baby! Unfortunately it didn't work for me. Instead, I used to play Quran recitation near him for I thought, what else can be more calming than the sound of the recitation, no?

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