The Diaper Hunt

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The Diaper Hunt

Abc Diapers
As soon as the baby is born, the "diaper hunt" begins for the new mommies. It's obvious that every mommy needs something which is economical as well as best because for sure, nobody likes the leaky peaky stuff going all over their muchkin's vest :-P
In this "hunt", surely everybody would have different experiences so I would only talk about the product I have best experience with.
After using pampers, I thought of giving a try to Abc diapers. Since then, the hunt ended; from small to medium and now to large size diapers, I'm a satisfied mommy!
Here, I wanna share a tip that I myself learned few months back that if you see that your baby's diapers have started leaking, then it might not be the issue with diaper quality. Just try upgrading the diaper size.
Now, let me share some info about the Abc diapers with you all in case you guys plan to buy after reading about my "diaper hunt journey" :-P
'Abc' stands for 'All Babies Choice' actually and are available in four sizes small, medium, large and junior. I am currently using the large one which is for the babies having weight from 7 to 18 kg.
The bigger pack has 56 diapers inside it in large size.
So basically, if you've chosen the right size, these diapers have great absorption quality (lol I never thought I'd be describing diapers some day :-P oh the linguist me is doing the discourse analysis of diapers haha the mom life :-D)
Okay so it has good quality leg cuff and adhesive label. It's by Werrick health care Islamabad. All the contact details are written on the pack, you can email, sms ir visit their website.
Let's talk about the price now. The price written over the pack is Rs 1499 but I get it in Rs 1100 usually from the nearby superstore.
So mommies still going through the diaper hunt, do give it a try. By the way, do you also know that diapers are not pampers, pampers is a company of diapers still you call them pampers like me? :-P
Please don't judge me by my photography skills :-P

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  1. Are ABC diapers thick? Does your child feel hot in them? I always feel thickness while making them absorbent, makes diapers too hot in the heat.

    1. Yes they are thick but my baby is too little now, he usually stays indoors. He can't walk right now so it works fine for me!