Mental Health

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Mental Health

I read about the news today of a Bahria Student who commited suicide due to the depression he suffered because of getting F grade in the same subject once again. I don't know much about Bahria's system but his friend posted that they enroll more students then they are supposed to and then they have no other option except making difficult papers and dropping out students.
Whatever the situation was, let's just once ponder over the process of such a horrible action.
Suicidal thoughts!! I've been thinking about this since morning. Did you ever think that how a person can take his/her own life??? It just doesn't happen suddenly, something disturbs a person's peace and keeps bothering him/her and he overthinks about it and on the outside,  the person might look OK to you, smiling while dealing but on the inside, that tension slowly and gradually consumes the person. When his problem is not addressed, consequently he is left with no other option to find peace other then taking his own life.
The reason of posting this is to spread awareness that MENTAL HEALTH is very very important. You all might have somebody around you whose mental health is so down and it's so hard for them to tell anyone about it and even if they tell, the other person might not take it so seriously thinking that it's not that big problem! mind it! it might not be a big problem for you, but for the person who is going throught it, it is HUGE.
Will we continue realizing people's worth after they are gone? and this way? What we have become??? We keep looking that a person is dragging through life still we wait for that point when he can no longer bear it.
Look around yourself, see the unseen, hear the unheard, feel other people's difficulties and be a source of ease for them please! Please spread love! Take care! Say nice words!
You don't know what a person is going through and on what level, even a little harsh word of yours can be the reason of his/her expiration...

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