Lip Care/ Lip Balms Review

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Lip Care/ Lip Balms Review

After the last two serious posts on the blog, I thought the new post should be a beauty product review..yass!! you heard right...the topic which is so dear & delightful to my target audience :-D. We mommies, spend the day in too much hustle, making sure everything is done right, so ofcourse we need some 'me time' in between too to treat ourselves and to keep ourselves 'sane'.
Let's talk lip care today!! πŸ‘„πŸ’„
The products that I'm going to review today are lipbalms by Ushas Cosmetics. Lip balms are really effective for keeping your lips hydrated. Of course nobody likes the chapped lips and a good quality lip balm, returns the plump-ness of lips. Also, there are times when one wants to go natural and simple as the highly pigmented lipsticks are too bright to accompany your sour or lazy mood :-D These cuties are in my regular use and I am very satisfied by them.

The purple one is gel based fruit lip balm. It glides so easily on the lips. It is non-tinted and has the mild fragrance of grapes πŸ‡. The other flavours available in it are strawberry, lemon, kiwi, orange and apple.
The other one is not gel based,-it has patrolium in it but it is also not tinted and is available in 4 flavors I guess and I have the orange one. 🍊

Please notice the cute little tins of both these balms. I am definitely not gonna throw them away when they'll finish. You can make your own lip scrub at home and use these bottles/tins for containing it. Yeah! some other day we will talk about the home-made scrub :-P

Benefits: Both of these lip balms have mild fruity fragrance. These are travel friendly, you can easily carry them in your pouch. The oils used in them assist in maintaining the moisture.
Net Weight:
The gel based (purple) balm has 0.52 oz or 15 g weight while the other one (orange) has 0.28 oz or 8.0 g weight.

These are personally my favourite and I recommend them to girls. I usually just wear sunblock and lip balm in the day.

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  2. Wow.... Cute tins😍 they seems yummy to me..... Thanks for sharing such a good information, i'm definitely going to try these....

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  3. Very nice amd honest review. πŸ‘