Ideals? Oh no, Time's Up!

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Ideals? Oh no, Time's Up!

Since the last few days, I am just reading about and trying to ponder over the recent situation. I'm talking the shocking revelations about media personalities #MohsinAbbasHaider and #Ukhano (Umer Khan). There has been enough talk about what they did, why they did and what should be done, already. I've been thinking what can we learn from such disturbing situations.
First of all, If anybody of you is in abusive relationship, please, the first thing you have to do is REPORT. Don't stay silent. Tell this to your family or anybody you trust. Abuse is Abuse. Islam does not ask you to be patient if you are in an abusive relationship, be it husband, wife, parents etc. Safety comes first. Rasul Allah (S.A.W.W) didn't even tolerate animal abuse. He once saw mark of a smack on a donkey and said May Allah curse him who did this..
So please speak up about it.Don't think you're doing yourself a favor or your children a favour, they might turned off from deen, culture and might become abusers because they have seen that in their life.  With physical abuse, comes psychological abuse, don't put yourself in the trauma to the extent that you lose yourself and this goes for both genders, If men are in abusive relationship, they should speak up. Every life is precious!
To the men who abuse their wives, please reflect and realize, Allah made you "caretaker" and "protector" of your women. Don't you think Allah is also "caretaker" of us? So, how Allah takes this attribute. When you think of Allah as caretaker, do you imagine Him hitting and beating??? No! that's not the way you take care of somebody! Fear Allah, and be nice and polite to them. If it's not possible, part your ways in the best possible way!
Third, the people who get fame, please take your fame as responsibility. Anybody who becomes famous, has to have this sense. You think you would do any irresponsible activity, and nobody will notice? Man, this is an age of social media, beware, every action of you gets noticed and QWERTY army will never forgive you. So pay the price. They'll hate you double triple the amount they loved you. You're an animal if you've done such actions and then you give lamest of excuses to justify abuse.
This world is so bleak these days. As a mom, it scares how we include certain things in the upbringing of our children. I hope we teach our boys to respect women both outside and inside home and lower their gazes as much as we advise our girls!
I hope we teach our girls to be brave, be safe and learn to create boundaries! That's what I was thinking...
That's what I had to say...
What are your views on it?

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