Ramadan and Babies

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Ramadan and Babies

Mommies of little muchkins! welcome to my page/ blog. As I write my very first post, I want it to be a kind of tribute to mothers and the way they manage EVERYTHING in #Ramadan along with kiddos!
It's my first Ramadan with my 9 months old son and most of the times, he wakes up at sehri and aftar. So yeah, I know 'the struggle is real' :-D
Jokes apart, I know there woulf be a lot of mommies like me who might feel that they are not doing much in terms of #Ibadah. I feel this alotttt.... I miss my Ramadans before marriage I miss taraweeh, Quranic sessions, lectures etc and now reading just a single page of the Quran is a real real struggle!

I have to wait for mr. baby to sleep so I can take my mus'haf and sit in a peaceful corner of the house to recite and reflect upon it. but I know right, your E.A.R would constantly be there, in the room, where your kiddo is sleeping k uth na jayen nawab sahab!!

So dearies, I want to say to you all, that please don't feel upset that you can't do much. Honestly, even this 'feeling' is enough to understand that you care, that how desperate you are to reconnect with your Lord and He is the all-seeing, all-knowing and just this realization is enough to please Him <3

Dear mommy, while you're pouring the pakora batter in the hot hot oil and singing 'baa baa black sheep' along to your muchkin sitting on his praam in this kitchen door, you are doing HUGE.

whether you are able to read half or a single page of the Quran while managing the house along with the muchkin, we know you are doing A Lot and we have immense respect for  you!

Tag your friends who are mommies :-)
Live long mommies and muchkins!!

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