Cheezious Restaurant Food Review

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Cheezious Restaurant Food Review

Let's Talk Fooood :-D

We tried 3-4 food items from cheezious (police foundation branch) that are:

  • Cheezious special crown crust pizza (regular)
  • Chicken fajita pizza (small) 
  • Flaming wings (12) 
  • Lasagne 
  • Curly Fries 

With no furthur delay, I sooo want to talk about the crown crust pizza!! Yes, as soon as we opened the box, it had us all drooling :-D The beautiful shape and the white sauce drizzled over it made it look so tempting. When we tasted it, we all were like 'yeah it's yummier than we thought'. It had the right amount of cheese, chicken and the white sauce. 

Before ordering it, I read some of the reviews about it where it was complained that it's so salty so I requested them to address this problem and they replied very humbly and catered this problem so it was just PERFECT!!! I would highly recommend it to every foodie!
We were given sachets with ketchups/chilli garlic sauce and tissues inside them. It was worth 800 pkr.

Now because the special crown crust pizza has taken all the limelight with its divine taste, it doesn't mean that the other fajita pizza was any bad. It was awesome with right amount of everything. It was worth 320 pkr 

The flaming wingsss... whoa I'm still feeling the yumness they gave to my tastebuds. We ordered a dozen wings and they costed us 420 pkr. All the spices were very nicely incorporated in the chicken and they were neither too spicy nor too pheekay! With the balanced amount of spices and by dipping them in mayo garlic sauce, they were Ah-mazing!!

The mayo dip tasted phenomenal especially with the curly fries and wings. This dip sauce complimented the wings so well!

Now, in the last, let's discuss the food item we didn't like much and that's the lasagne. The lasagne was just okay! It didn't give us the 'umph' feeling probably because it got cold and even after warming, the taste wasn't that good and probably it would have tasted better if we had tried it when it was freshly cooked and served but we used their home delivery service so yeah! :-\

Overall, I'll rate the experience as 9/10.

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