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"This sounds familiar, isn't it mine?" - Theft of thoughts

It's the story of that time when I excitedly joined the university and going to study without wearing those white or blue uniforms was the new cool for me and for many others who became my friends later on. On one fine day we came to know that we have to take a subject of music too. This was when we met this man called 'Ustad Mehfooz Khokhar', our music teacher, quite old and affectionate with a passion of classical music. Ustad mehfooz was a very simple man and he took his harmonium very seriously. On the other hand, we never took the music class seriously. It was just like a relaxation among other classes so we used to enjoy the 'raags' he used to teach us while the back benchers usually wrote their other assignments and projects in the music class. 
Khair let's come towards the real purpose of telling about Ustad Sahab! Once when we got free from our music lesson but the class was not over yet, we requested sir to sing something for us. Sir said "okay th…

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