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Watered Down Feminism: A move from collective to individual empowerment

When somebody asks me 'are you a feminist'?, I become a bit confuse not because I do not believe in women empowerment and stability but because there are lots of types and ideas related to feminism that it's hard to pin down a fix definition and while you agree with some things of some kinds of feminism, you also disagree with some so it becomes hard to explain so I think to avoid the long debate, it's better to stick to a siyasi jawab and say 'to an extent'.
And I have a bee in my bonnet since a long time. Don't you think the focus of women empowerment has shifted from collective feminism to individualism? I mean I don't think that empowerment is a concept related to individual occurrence rather it is supposed to be progressive with shared abilities and reevaluating power structures of a society or country we live in for the purpose of stability to women (I am saying women because empowerment is mostly linked to feminism). To cut it short, I mean that t…

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