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From thought to table, 5 min taking moist mug cake recipe!

  When one of my fellow blogger asked me for a food collaboration, first I thought of sharing the picture of my butter chicken but then I thought I should share a quick yet bomb recipe that everyone would love baking and devouring. 🍮 This scrumptious mug cake would take total 5 min from thought to table and you will feel like having a lava cake at a fancy restaurant because it's moist from the outside and has a puddle of chocolate in the centre 🍫 Are you skeptical? I was also but when I tried this, I started believing in mug cakes 🍺🍰 If you are person who gets sweet tooth at midnight but a candy won't do so you devour junk and regret later? Then not anymore because this quick and moist mug cake with chocolate puddle in center would definitely fulfill your dessert cravings and you can a delicious chocolate cake in the comfort of your PJ's. So hold your notebook and pen and note down the recipe 🤩 INGREDIENTS: Flour (maida) 1/4 cup Granulated Sugar 1/4 cup Cocoa

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